06/01/2017 17:29
The Stars travel east to Usk for their first league encounter of the New Year

The Stars rekindle their rivalry against Usk on 7 January 2017. This is the Stars first game of the New Year after a nice couple of weeks rest. Usk were promoted last season so the 2 teams haven't met for a number of seasons. All the past games have been very competitive however the Stars have not got a very good record at Usks ground only winning one out of the last three games back on 2 April 2011. The Stars players and coaches are confident that they can reverse this trend. The kick off is at 2:30 and the Stars would look as many supporters as possible to travel and support the boys.....


Blackwood Stars RFC @BlackwoodStars
04/02/2017 09:37:25
The weather is at it again... another game called off due to a libanus being water logged ☔️


Blackwood Stars RFC @BlackwoodStars
28/01/2017 16:01:50
Final score 21-29 good win for the stars


Blackwood Stars RFC @BlackwoodStars
28/01/2017 16:00:44
Try llan 18-29


Blackwood Stars RFC @BlackwoodStars
28/01/2017 15:58:04
Score 11-29