14/08/2017 13:55
New Facebook Page

The Stars have a new Facebook page. This page will be used for news updates, team announcements and match day updates along with our Twitter page. Please could you like and share this page so we can spread the word as far as possible. The old Facebook page will still stay however it will become obsolete in the near future as there is restrictions on this page which stops people sharing and see our posts. Facebook Twitter @BlackwoodStars


Blackwood Stars RFC @BlackwoodStars
07/10/2017 15:33:14
Try stars good shove on from the scrum 22-7


Blackwood Stars RFC @BlackwoodStars
07/10/2017 15:23:14
Pen Markham 22-0


Blackwood Stars RFC @BlackwoodStars
07/10/2017 15:15:25
Another try for markham good backs play send them over 19-0


Blackwood Stars RFC @BlackwoodStars
07/10/2017 15:03:47
A quick tap and another break away send Markham over again 12-0